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Chloe Abidi - Lens-Based Artist


Chloe Abidi (b. 2002, USA) is an experimental lens-based artist presently living in NYC. Understanding the work of art as a liberatory practice and as unique to other mediums, she explores historical lineages, image circulation, the technological, divinity, and the natural through reappropriated and repurposed images, alternative processes, installation, and photography. 

Interested in how art can exist in opposition to functioning as referential to a secondary idea, she is exploring in the destruction of ego, paternalism, and aura in artmaking, as well as avoidance of didacticism and a singularized meaning and understanding of work. Her work seeks to surpass and defeat image conventions like omniscience and vantage point, temporality, space, and referent and semiotics.


2020 - 2024

Parsons School of Design, BFA Photography



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