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lenticular, 2023

nine lenticular prints made up of reappropriated photographs found within the likes of thrift stores, flea markets, junk shops, etc. per the nature of the lenticular, as a viewer walks around the prints, the images “flow” between two embedded images, via which the power is largely vested in the audience. the agency of the viewer controls these pieces, in that every physical position taken generates a new existence of the image. despite this, the viewer is not centered as the subject, because there is no vanishing point present nor singular point catered to them. there is thus no reward for placement in a center or “correct” position, as every vantage point and every standing position has equal merit and its own unique image, where a viewer is allowed to construct their own relationship with the work. based out of perspectivism, cubism, and “open work” as a field of possibilities, this immediacy attempts to close the gap between the artwork and the viewer. 

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